Linda’s Story

Linda engages in missions by showing God’s love.

Linda signed up for the Horse Therapy Mission Trip to Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota because of her love of horses which actually began when she was a little girl, and her father was away serving his country in World War II.  He would send letters promising her a pony upon his return.  For as long as she can remember, she had also held a fascination with Native American culture, so the combination of the two paired with an opportunity to share God’s love, were calling her to her first mission trip.

Linda expected to see God’s work through the young girls attending horse camp, and she did in many ways as she watched the girls open their hearts throughout the week.  However, Linda’s lasting impression of God’s work was what she didn’t expect.  On the last evening of the mission, one of the professional women working at the Reservation shared about her experience over the week.  She admitted that she had struggles with God and even though she grew up in the church, it was at her parents’ insistence.  She feared that this mission team would bring more of the same, making changes and forcing religion on them, but she said she was wrong.  She said, “Instead, you came here and you showed us love.”  Hearing these words gave Linda goose bumps and really summarized the mission.  It confirmed for Linda that sharing the love of Christ is not always about the telling, but more importantly it’s about showing God’s love, and she has kept in-touch with her new friend ever since.